As an artist, the magic of nature continually speaks to me. I never tire of trying to capture the spirit of a tree and all of nature’s beauty. I’ve been especially inspired by the impressionist painters.


I believe all artistic activity comes from a similar place: delving into one art form is helpful in developing another. The interest I have in this magical energy has led me to explore philosophy, metaphysics, and the beauty of nature. 

“Music comes in many forms, one of which is in the visual arts. Irene’s art is melodic, with flowing lines, rhythmic, complementary tones, evoking silent harmonies.”

Another outlet for my artistic expression has been through my practice as a marriage and family therapist, which is an art form in itself, one of communication.

Over my career as an artist, I have discovered the joy of experimenting with various media to help create excitement through color and texture.

In addition to paint, pastels, and colored pencils, materials have included mosaic tiles, painted glass, jewelry pieces, and bits of natural materials and intriguing objects collected over time. As for my history, I grew up in New York and studied theater, dance, music and art. In addition to creating art, I have also enjoyed singing and songwriting as well as dance and acting.

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--Marie Johnson, KNSJ 89.1 FM San Diego

I try to bring emotion and romance to form while still honoring its essential identity. I also attempt to take risks, to stretch and continue to develop my own expression and style..